Whether you just want a small bite or something to enjoy with a glass of wine or a Mickeys cocktail, or a full and fabulous three-course meal, Mickeys has something for everyone, from breakfast to the late hours. Everything we offer you is fabulous, fresh and fun. Check out our menus.

bar food

Pop in for a nibble and a drink, or enjoy a Mickeys midnight pizza after a night on the dance floor.

restaurant menu

In addition to our Restaurant menu, we have regular specials as well as a ‘catch of the day’.

vegan / vegetarian menu

For those who love vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as for the many flexitarians who sometimes enjoy meatless meals, our vegetarian and vegan offerings are as exciting as anything on our menu, from vegan pizza to grazing nibbles to substantial and filling vegetarian feasts.

wine list

The UK is fast becoming an important wine producer in its own right and we are proud to champion some local wine estates on our list. Wherever the provenance, we seek above all wines that have real character and personality, ideally made as naturally and as purely as possible.

cocktail & bar menu

Mickeys cocktails, like our food, are fabulous, fresh and fun. Wherever possible, we aim to use spirits and mixers that are local to the West Country.


‘Mickeys To Go’ is for those times when you want to grab something fun and delicious to takeaway, whether to enjoy on the beach on a fabulous day or to spin out on a warm summer evening, or else to take away to enjoy restaurant quality food in the comfort of your home.

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