Our Commitment to Sustainability

Mickeys Beach and the whole of the Michael Caines Collection have made a commitment to the environment, so in all our establishments, we strive towards a more sustainable future.

As our restaurant and bar sit along Exmouth seafront, looking after our beach and oceans is something our team are passionate about. We regularly take part in local beach cleans to remove any litter that’s left behind and recycle as much of it as possible. For us, it’s not just about making the view from our windows look prettier, it’s about keeping rubbish and plastics out of the ocean to protect marine life and maintain the health of the environment.

When it comes to our produce, we use local suppliers such as Darts Farm for meat and poultry, source our seafood from regional fishing ports and get our coffee beans from Olfactory Coffee Roasters – all of which help us reduce food miles and support our local community. Working in partnership with our suppliers means we can encourage them to reduce unnecessary packaging and recycle plastics, cardboard and glass wherever possible.

aerial view of mickeys beach restaurant in exmouth

Mickeys is situated within the Sideshore development, which has sustainability at the centre of its ethos. On our roof lay solar panels which create renewable energy for the restaurant, giving our building an EPC rating of A+/A – a groundbreaking certificate for a large commercial building such as ours. Sideshore also has a number of ecological features such as reclaimed metal signage, bat boxes and a landscaping scheme of native plants to keep in with the surrounding natural environment.

Exmouth has great transport links to the surrounding area, including Exeter, with trains and buses arriving in the heart of Exmouth on a regular basis. Visiting us is now even easier with the Exmouth Land Train running past Exmouth Train and Bus Station at 35 minutes past the hour. Take a look at their timetable to plan the best time to come and say hello. Taking alternative transport than a car can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and also minimise your own carbon footprint.

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